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Fire Emblem fans, meet Tales fans.

Tales fans, meet FE fans.

In between, you can just ignore this. |D


So anyways, someone (I couldn’t find the original post. :< ) uploads high quality Tales of Vesperia’s bosses Mystic Artes Cut-ins and it just makes me go uguu all over them.

And then, SOMEONE, by someone I meant Reyrey  says that I should draw Miriel for some reasons. I don’t even understand his purpose, but at least it’s not Olivia/Azure/Marc/Rey.

So with my urge to play ToV again, finish the hard run to get True Knight Yuri, this came out. Cut-in image for Mystic Artes Critical.

It’s all yellow-ish because I like thunder tomes, especially Archthunder. (How do you even make these background gah)

"This is the fruit of my research!"

Points to those who get the reference above.

…Now I wanna draw Gaius and Olivia like this asdf.

Posted: 3:37 am on Friday, July 12, 2013
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