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[Akuma Homura]

People I know have been watching this show again lately so have simple scribble of it that I did to relax myself. I wonder, who’s going to be the Madoka to my Homura? (`∀´)Ψ

Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

  • On the nose

"Oii— What are you two doing there under the tree?!"

This is a little lazy haha.

Kiss Art Challenge


Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

(don’t know if this is already out there, but I suddenly felt like doing it)

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin
  9. on the neck
  10. on the shoulder
  11. on the back
  12. on the hand
  13. on the foot
  14. on the leg
  15. on the chest/torso
  16. on the butt
  17. on the naughty-bits

For gurobotto


My friend-is-being-sad sense has been tingling lately sooooo…. Have a little something, Guro!

Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

  • on the forehead

So I reblogged a kissing meme over my personal (just for reference) and an anon was kind enough, sending me the ask! Welp I think I might have gone overboard with the angst on this but please understand that AmeGai is a very important ship to me. Which you can read all of my rambling here! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

※ — Also added last year’s drawing with same context for comparison!

"You done, Bubbles?"
"No, not yet."
"Oh come on, hurry up! You’re killing me here! What about it that you’re so interested anyways? You already know that’s the tattoo for criminals…"
"Well… I’ve only acquired that information through books. This is the first time I’ve seen it with my own eyes- er, second time."
"It’s nothing but an area of burnt skin, hot iron to wooden barrel, you know."
"But still."
"…Listen up, Bubbles, stop inspecting it. It was from long ago. Nobody cares about the person who carries a mark like this anyways."
"I care."
"I said I care. I care about you and whatever had happened to you prior your recruitment. I have the duty to look after my allies, It’s a tactician’s job, isn’t it?"
"Am I correct, Gaius?"
"Sure, yeah… even so… …. Never mind."
"Nah, nothing. (You’re a weird one.)"
"I beg your pardon? Did you say something?"
"H-Hah, no, I said nothing! Moving on!" — …I think I like strange gal such as you though.

…. Don’t look at me I got slapped by my old ship at six in the morning. Yeah. The main ship is urging again wheeze I don’t know if there’s going to be another drawing or writing for it.

Still yeaaaah. This drabble should be somewhere between C support and B support. Where Gaius was bringing the tactician’s some nighttime snack, to mend the earlier incident, but ended up staying around as Amelia requested so. And well, he remained being her test subject for a while.

Sorry for my lame ass writing, and doodle, too, I have yet to sleep. /laughs

Skype call was on serious cracks after 2 A.M.